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Are paranormal phenomena occurring around you? Need help? Come to Pendleton Oregon Paranormal Society, a team of highly capable paranormal investigators. It does not matter if you think something is trivial or major. Putting your worries at ease is our responsibility. We will thoroughly investigate the specified area using the latest equipment and techniques. We are currently located in the local area and can be contacted through our booking form.


We always want to give our customers peace of mind – that’s why we always strive to offer top-quality services at competitive prices. Our previous customers have been pleased by our ability and the pocket-friendly nature of our service, and their referrals have helped us expand our reach so today we are helping more individuals than ever before.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly capable, talented, hardworking individuals that are dedicated to helping our clients. Whether it's a haunted house, hospital or any other area, we will not allow fear to stop us. Here is how we work: first we listen to your case, after which one of the members goes into the field and collects data. Once the analysis is done, we determine whether the incidences are paranormal or not, and give you the final report.

Location throughout a 60 mile range

We investigate 60 miles from Pendleton Oregon. We do our work for free with out any money out of pocket expenses. You have Paranormal activetes call us or email cause we will also do an investigation where a Ouija board had been used.


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